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Women Support Group Options

Betrayal to Empowerment

Betrayal to empowerment groups for women who are experiencing or have experienced sexual betrayal by a loved one. Here, we begin healing from the trauma, lies, and shame caused by our partner's problematic sexual behavior. 


  • Our facilitators have experienced betrayal trauma and can provide a sense of validation and understanding. It can be comforting to know that you are not alone in your experiences and that others can relate to what you are going through.

  • We are safe for you to express your emotions. We offer empathy and support from others who have been through similar experiences. You are not alone.

  • Learn healthy and effective coping strategies to overcome the mental, physical, and emotional effects of betrayal trauma. Strategies to empower you to overcome the challenges you are facing. Strategies can help you regain a sense of self that will strengthen and empower you in the face of betrayal. 

  • We provide access to valuable information, resources, and professional guidance for dealing with betrayal trauma. Members can learn about treatment options, self-care practices, and other helpful resources to support their healing journey.

Affordable Access to support and recovery

At only $80 per month with a minimum 8-month commitment, our commitment to accessibility is reflected in the pricing of our program.

Interested in a Scholarship?

We believe everyone deserves support and transformational growth, regardless of financial barriers. That's why we also offer scholarships to those who qualify, ensuring that our recovery groups are within reach for all who need them.


If you're concerned about affordability, please reach out. We're here to help you access the support you need.

Broken to Breakthrough

Broken to Breakthrough groups are for women who are on a healing journey from their sexual brokenness or broken relationships. They find themselves disheartened and ashamed of their behaviors but struggling to stop and learn to love themselves in a healthy way.


  • Removing the shame and stigma of our sexual and relational struggles. Share your story in a safe, shame-free, non-judgemental community with those who have walked the same road.

  •  We offer each other accountability, as members can hold each other responsible for their actions and provide encouragement to stay on track with their recovery.

  • Educational materials and resources are provided that can help you better understand your problematic sexual behavior and learn healthy coping mechanisms.

  • You have what it takes. Your experiences and emotions are valid. You will experience empowerment to take control of your behavior and make positive changes in your life.

  • We offer practical tools and strategies for managing triggers and urges, as well as coping with the emotional and psychological aspects of problematic sexual behavior and unhealthy relationships.

  • Hearing success stories and seeing the progress of others in the group can provide hope and inspiration for women who may feel hopeless or stuck in their recovery journey.

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