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Our Story

Our journey through 40 years of marriage has taken us from the depths of infidelity and betrayal to a place of healing and freedom. The first 18 years were marked by pain and loss, leaving us disillusioned with God, ourselves, and each other. But the last 22 years have been a transformative journey of recovery and growth.


We've faced the challenges of sexual struggles and betrayal firsthand, understanding the deep need for empathy, support, and effective healing paths. Through intensives, counseling, and supportive communities, we've walked a path of soul restoration that healed our relationships with God, ourselves, and others. 


With over 15 years of leading, mentoring, and coaching others through similar struggles, we are dedicated to guiding men, women, and families to live life as God intended with freedom, hope, and wholeness. Our experience, ongoing training, and certifications have equipped us to offer life-changing programs.


If you're ready to embark on your journey of healing and freedom, we're here to walk with you. Welcome to the Redemptive Journey. We look forward to serving you.


Jackie and Ernie Chambers

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