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The help you need
for the love you desire.

Redeem your commitment to God, Yourself, and Your Partner.


Redemptive Journey is a community made up of individuals who have firsthand experience with problematic sexual behaviors and betrayal trauma and have come to know the importance of finding healing and restoration through the power of Christ.

Redemptive Journey walks alongside you to provide a safe, supportive environment where you can share your experiences, defeats, strengths, and hopes with others, fostering recovery and growth and rebuilding your commitment to God, self, and your partner.


The help you need
for the love you desire

Infidelity in any form can be traumatic and is one of the more challenging problems faced in a relationship.


Many people live as prisoners to their own shame and lack of self-control, perspective, or spiritual insight, causing them to give in to their desires and continue to destroy all chances at happiness within and with their partner. But that does not have to be your story.  We are here to help. 


We remove the shame and stigma of sexual betryal and relational struggles. With Redemptive Journey, share your story in a safe, shame-free, non-judgemental community with those who have walked the same road.


Led by experienced instructors, our program is designed to provide men with the tools, guidance, and spiritual insights necessary to navigate the complexities of modern relationships with integrity and fidelity. 

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